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  From classical blues to Odd meter drum n bass. His flexible musicality and various rhythm approaches defines him as a one unique drummer.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2001, He was active as a drummer of various musicians from jazz, rock, pop to world music such as, David Fiucizinski, Hiromi Uehara, Screaming Headless Torsos, Sam Kininger , Kokolo afrobeat orchestra, Eric Wainaina, Prassana. 

   In 2007, he started spending more time for own writings. He formed 2 band in 2 different cities. One in Okinawa Japan, with acoustic sounding music , "Element of the moment". Other one in Tokyo Japan, with Electric sounding music "Akira Nakamura Trickstewart Band". His sounds are influenced by experiences from Great Musicians he played with , and also his home city, Okinawa ,where has unique sounding instruments , voices, and even own scales. 

From 2009 till 2015, he based himself in Tokyo Japan, worked for various Singers such as, Hanaregumi, Sarah Alainn, Marter, JuJu, Naoto Intiraimi, Daichi Miura. And also worked as Producer, Arranger and Music Director for various projects set by Sweet Soul Record.


  As much as his love for drumming and composing, also he has been interested in Music education. 

In 2015, to expand his experience as not only a drummer but as a educator, he decided to move to Berlin, Germany. 

In this diverse city, living through been a professional drummer, and listening and communicating with Great Classical musicians gave him different perspective of music and also living itself. 

In end of 2019, he is moving  back to his home land Okinawa. Here, he will share his experiences as a drummer, and also he is going to create new curriculum of teaching Music .







主な共演者はDavid Fiucizinski、screaming headless torsos、上原ひろみ、Sam Kininger (Lettuce, Solive)、Kokolo afrobeat orchestra、Eric Wainaina, Prasanna等。

 2007年より、より多くの時間を作曲に掛け、同年に沖縄にてアコースティックサウンド用いた「Element of the Moment」を結成。さらに2009年にエレクトリックサウンドを用いた「Akira Nakamura Trickstewart Band」を東京で結成。 彼の楽曲はこれまで彼が関わったミュージシャンたちの音楽性から得た影響と、独特なサウンドを持つ沖縄音楽からも影響を受けている。2011年には沖縄県南城市シュガーホールで行われた南城市民ミュージカル「太陽の門」の作曲も担当。

 2009年から2015年の間、東京を拠点にし様々なシンガーのサポートドラマーを務める。主な共演者には、ハナレグミ、サラ・オレイン、Marter、JuJu、ナオト・インティライミ、三浦大知など。なおプロデューサー、アレンジャー、ミュージックデレクターとしても、レコードレーベル、Sweet Soul Recordが企画した様々なプロジェクトに関わっている。





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